FIXD Vs BlueDriver: The Best OBD2 Scanner For You?

FIXD Vs BlueDriver

FIXD and BlueDriver are two of the most popular Bluetooth OBD2 scanners. Both can scan your car’s ECU for error codes and clear and reset MIL.

FIXD and BlueDriver are relatively affordable options for DIY car enthusiasts and mechanics.

Let’s find out in this comparison guide if they are worth your time and money!


FIXD vs BlueDriver Scanner – Overview

Read my in-depth FIXD review and guide on how to use the FIXD scanner here. You will also want to go through my BlueDriver review and comprehensive guide on how to use the BlueDriver Pro Scanner.

Product Image
Product Image
USA Car SupportIt supports all gasoline vehicles made after 1996 and diesel cars made after 2006.It supports all cars made after 1996 and sold in the USA and Canada.
European Car SupportIt supports all gasoline cars and mini trucks made after 1996 and diesel cars made after 2006.Volkswagen (sold in North America)
including VW, Audi, Lamborghini
& Bentley Mercedes & Smart
(2005 models & newer)
(sold in North America)
including BMW & Mini
(2005 models & newer)
Asian Car SupportIt supports all gasoline vehicles made after 1996 and diesel cars made after 2006.Mitsubishi (2008 models & newer)
Hyundai & Kia (2011 models & newer)
Subaru (sold in the US)
DLC ProtocolOBD2OBD2
Check Engine LightYesYes
Live Data MonitoringYesYes
O2 SensorYesYes
ABS SensorYesYes
Repair Cost EstimationYes (with premium)No
Mobile AppsiOS and AndroidiOS and Android
Smog CheckYesYes
Skill LevelEasy to useProfessional
Car MonitorYesNo
Number of Vehicle51
Warranty1 Year (Lifetime for additional $5)1 Year
Where to Buy
Check Price
Check Price
A side by side comparison of FIXD vs BlueDriver

FIXD vs BlueDriver OBD2 Scanners: Main Differences

Both BlueDriver and FIXD are popular OBD2 scanner that works wirelessly. But, there are some differences that you should know before buying one.

Let’s compare the different aspects of both car scanners. We’ll look at various areas that differentiate these devices.

1. Compatibility

FIXD: The FIXD scanner is compatible with a wide variety of car makes and models.

It supports all gasoline cars made and sold after 1996 in the USA and diesel cars made after 2006.


FIXD allows you to connect and control up to 5 cars under a single app interface.

BlueDriver: This is another Bluetooth scanner that is compatible with all cars and SUV trucks made after 1996 and sold in the USA.

It is also compatible with premium cars like VW, Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, Mercedes, and Mitsubishi sold after 2005 in the USA.

Both scanners are compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.

Winner: FIXD

2. Functionality

FIXD: The FIXD OBD2 scanner is an easy-to-use OBD2 scan tool for DIYers. You can scan all trouble codes and reset the check engine light.

It allows live data monitoring and freeze-frame where you can monitor various data in real-time.

BlueDriver: If you’re a professional mechanic and looking for a compact wireless obd2 scanner then BlueDriver is the right choice.

It offers all basic diagnostics like reading DTCs, clearing codes, resetting check engine lights, and generating reports.

Apart from that, you can do live data monitoring, smog check, and read O2 sensor data, and ABS sensor data

Winner: BlueDriver

3. Ease Of Use

FIXD: This is a compact and portable device that can diagnose over 7000+ potential issues in your car and SUV trucks.

The FIXD app is available on both Android and iOS devices. You can connect this device with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and retrieve all data from the vehicle’s ECU.

BlueDriver: If you’re experienced with car scanning, then BlueDriver is your best friend. It provides an easy-to-use app interface that allows some advanced scanning.

It supports all third-party apps like Torque Lite, Torque Pro, OBD Auto Doctor, Dashcommand, etc.

Winner: Tie (but the BlueDriver UI is cleaner)

4. Pricing

FIXD: This is an affordable car scanner for entry-level DIYers. Do look out for discounted prices around sales seasons.

Product Image
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BlueDriver: It’s a powerful scanner for professional mechanics who perform advanced vehicle diagnostics. It is more expensive than the FIXD.

Product Image
Check Price

Winner: FIXD

5. Additional Features

FIXD: You can unlock advanced features with FIXD premium at an additional cost of $99.99/year. It tells you the estimated repair cost and provides on-call support from experienced auto mechanics.

FIXD premium unlocks Emission Precheck, Issue Forecast, and Incident history report.

BlueDriver: You won’t have to pay any monthly subscription to perform smog checks and other advance scanning.

One thing that I noticed with FIXD is continuously prompting to subscribe for premium but BlueDriver won’t. So, I prefer BlueDriver over FIXD.

Winner: BlueDriver

FIXD Vs BlueDriver – Helpful Videos

Here are a couple of really helpful videos that would also give you a better idea.

FIXD OBD-II Scan Tool – POV Review and Demo
Here’s Why the BlueDriver OBD2 is the Best Scan Tool in the World

So Which One Is Better? BlueDriver vs FIXD

FIXD and BlueDriver are excellent diagnostic tools for scanning a car for OBD2 codes. However, FIXD is cheaper, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The app user interface of BlueDriver is clean and easy to use while FIXD always prompts for subscribing premium subscription (that’s annoying), but you can use other third-party OBD2 apps such as Torque Pro, OBD Auto Doctor, TOAD, etc.

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