About Us

OBD For Car is run by a group of hands-on mechanics who love sharing their knowledge about all things cars!

Richard Gregson

richard gregson professional car mechanic and founder of obdforcar.com

Hi there, I’m Richard,

I’m a car mechanic based out of Florida and have been tinkering with engines since I was a kid!

A few years ago, I started blogging to share my passion and to also make some income on the side. I now work with a group of other like-minded car enthusiasts to keep this blog going.

I’ve got plenty of experience with engine repairs, performance upgrades and other areas like breaks, suspensions and electrical systems.

When I’m not under the hood of a car, you’ll find me cruising around town in my beloved ’68 Chevy Camaro!

Thanks for visiting my site!

Check out my blog for helpful tips, tricks, and product recommendations. I make sure we only recommend products and services that we have either used personally or have thoroughly investigated and truly believe in.

Thank you for your support!

Vlad Stefanov

Vladislav Stefanov professional car mechanic and an author at obdforcar.com

Hi, I’m Vlad!

I’ve been working with cars for over four years, especially with brands like Mercedes, BMW, and VW from Europe. But I also know a lot about American and Asian cars.

I’m really good with certain types of engines. For BMW, I know a lot about the M57, N57, N47, and M57 engines. For Mercedes, I’m familiar with the OEM 642, 646, 651 engines. And for VW, I know the 2.0 TDI, 2.5 TDI, and 1.9 TDI engines.

After working as a mechanic, I noticed that there wasn’t enough good information out there about cars. So, two years ago, I decided to start writing about cars. I want to help people learn more about how cars work and how to fix them.

My writing is for all the DIY enthusiasts, car mechanics, and car lovers who prefer to get their hands dirty rather than just handing over the keys to someone else. If you’ve ever looked under a car hood and thought it looked more like a spaceship than an engine, my articles are for you! 

Let’s turn that car confusion into car confidence together!