Best Bluetooth OBD2 Scanners – Top Picks

Best Bluetooth OBD2 Scanners

Are you looking to shop for a Bluetooth on-board diagnostics scanner for performing vehicle diagnostics work exceptionally?

It is an exceptional tool using which you can save hundreds of dollars.

Whether you want to read DTCs or find reasons why MIL is triggered, this tool can be handy for various purposes.


The availability of the best OBD2 scanners can allow you to keep the vehicle in a healthy condition.

We believe many of our readers might have lived in areas with cold weather. It is obvious to feel different issues with your vehicle when the temperature is too high.

In that condition, this equipment can turn out to be very handy for identifying a solid variety of issues.

You have made a pretty intelligent decision to shop for this device to ensure your car work brilliantly.

Best Bluetooth OBD2 Scanners 2022

Best Bluetooth OBD2 Scanners

In this post, our team will discuss the top 10 best Bluetooth OBD2 scanners to shop in 2022, apart from tons of important information regarding this equipment.


Let’s go through the entire post and gather tons of excellent knowledge.

1. FIXD OBD2 Professional Scan Tool

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Many tagged it as the best onboard diagnostic sensor, and we are pretty sure you will agree with the fact once you use it for a few days.

The frustration of checking vehicles frequently will eliminate once you have this equipment on your car.

It tells the riders when they should visit the mechanic and service their vehicle.

It can work with a diagnostic sensor and scanner to perform the cars efficiently.

FIXD is easy-to-use equipment that can perform nearly 7,000 engine fault codes in simple language on the phone.

You need to open the app and find out what the faults are.


  • Capable of decoding the check engine lights and translating more than 7,000 engine error codes to the mobile app.
  • Give maintenance alerts by performing examinations at a regular interval of time.
  • Show live data using multiple PIDs that work either as a chart, gauge, or graph, depending on the condition.
  • The device provides access to particular service intervals specified by the manufacturer.
  • Certified by ASE Certified Mechanics and Professional Engineers of the United States.


  • Only compatible with the cars having an OBD2 port.
  • It doesn’t identify issues related to airbags on the car.

2. BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool

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The second option we want to recommend is this impressive Bluetooth-based OBDII having the incredible ability to detect basic and manufacturer fault codes instantly.

It gives wonderful advice to users about fixing the issues in their vehicles.

This BlueDriver Pro scan tool is ribbed sides to ensure the device can be easily inserted or removed from the port.

This tool’s repair report is equipped with fixes verified by ASE Certified Technicians.

It means there won’t’ be any need to check the fixes on the internet, which usually wastes time.

This device comes with a BlueDriver sensor and mobile app for providing solid repair solutions for the vehicle.


  • This scan tool offers a complete analysis of the fault codes and even suggests what the causes are.
  • The mobile app shows nine choices on the screen, including reading Codes, Mode 6 Check, and Smog Check for identifying all the potential issues.
  • The device doesn’t have any cords or ask for subscription costs from the users.
  • Capable of giving instant notifications on the mobile app.
  • Works superbly for giving detailed diagnostics of vehicles.


  • Live data is limited to 5 graphs.

3. Bafx Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

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If you seek compatibility while buying the best Bluetooth OBD2 scanners, this wireless choice from the Bafx might fulfill your needs.

It isn’t’ only an affordable choice to make but also professional enough to equip with rich attributes.

It has solid compatibility that allows the device to work with various vehicles like Suzuki, Land Rover, Chevy, Nissan, Jaguar, and many more.

This device instantly transforms the error codes into the mobile app giving detailed results.

A unique sensor is attached to the scanner to identify all diagnostic issues. It can show more than 3,000 error codes on display, which is brilliant.


  • It offers real-time readouts of sensor data to ensure you have the right knowledge about vehicle issues.
  • Compatible with the majority of third-party apps.
  • Work quickly as a professional mechanic.
  • Boost flexibility with its wireless design.
  • Capable of resetting engine light easily.


  • It doesn’t work smoothly with iOS devices.

4. Autophix 3210 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

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The fourth position is accommodated by Autophix 3210, which can be the perfect DIY Bluetooth scanner for fixing issues in your vehicle.

It is a highly practical device that the users can connect with smartphones effortlessly.

If you are a DIY vehicle lover, it is guaranteed there will be a huge love for its maintenance in your heart.

This equipment instantly sends the commands to the mobile app once you plug it into the OBD2 port.

One amazing feature of this terrific scanner is displaying the car’s map and the location from which the respective code is coming.

It is perfectly compatible with the majority of vehicles manufactured after 1996.


  • Display the purely accurate battery analysis in the graph format.
  • Give detailed information for a full engine light check.
  • Bluetooth v5.1 offers a fast and stable connection most of the time.
  • Regularly update from the manufacturer’s side.
  • Very portable design for fitting in OBD port.


  • Slightly expensive purchase to make.
  • Directions to install could have been explained better.

5. Veepeak OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner

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Are you looking for a handy OBD2 Bluetooth scanner at an affordable price?

Well, don’t’ look beyond this model from the Veepeak brand that comes with an impressive set of features but doesn’t’ go hard on the pocket.

This unit comes with many advanced and basic functions for making the diagnosis work conveniently.

Unlike most scanners, it uses very little power and doesn’t’ drain the battery.

It works on Bluetooth 4.0 technology that always uses a very small amount of energy.

Despite being available at such a lower price, this unit is compatible with almost all the vehicle models available on the market.

It is a pretty lightweight and power-saving device having 12 months of replacement warranty for easier operation.

You won’t’ face any difficulty while checking the health of your vehicle at all.


  • Equipped with lots of functions like live graphic data, sensor readings, and engine light codes.
  • Capable of performing smog checks for customizing the dashboard.
  • Allow the users to perform trouble codes in real-time for BMW models.
  • Monitors fuel economy for better efficiency.
  • It comes with universal vehicle compatibility.


  • Doesn’t have an app and relies on third-party applications.
  • Not frequently updated by the manufacturer.

6. OBDLink LX OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner

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We can’t’ complete the list without mentioning the name of this model from the OBDLink, which has an extremely compact size and superb performance.

It is an easy-to-use unit conveniently stored in the backpack or even pocket.

The most significant thing regarding this unit is free lifetime firmware and software updates that ensure you can adequately fix the latest car issues.

Additionally, the manufacturer delivers the scanner with a 3-year warranty for complete peace of mind.

It is a wonderful wireless diagnostic device with an easy installation operation. It allows users to have a convenient plug-in.

This equipment is perfectly safe to use without putting any effect on the vehicle’s battery.


  • Works well with the majority of third-party apps.
  • Perform at a faster throughput for a smoother and more realistic experience.
  • Superfast tool for highly accurate identification.
  • Highly compatible with a solid range of vehicles.
  • Capable of checking diagnostic codes instantly.


  • Few fidelity complaints in the software.
  • Minor car alarm interference in a few cases.

7. OBDLink MX+ OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner

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The vehicle creates emission issues after a few years of continuous operation.

If you have similar problems with your car, buying MX+ will be the most intelligent decision.

It is a critically acclaimed unit giving access to more than 1,000 extra parameters.

We find that this device investigates the problem’s main cause during the testing phase and gives essential solutions according to the situation.

It is a good quality auto scan tool delivered to buyers” homes with a free software update.

Another thing that might inspire you to buy this unit is its over-voltage and battery drain protection.

It is very helpful in a great range of manners to all the buyers who invest money in this product.


  • Uses physical access for pairing to ensure hackers stay out of the network.
  • Give excellent third-party application support to the users.
  • Provide load dump protection for vehicle protection.
  • Pretty wider coverage in terms of compatibility with vehicles.
  • Transfer a multitude of information to mobile apps.


  • The reset button is very hard and made from poor-quality material.
  • A slightly expensive choice to make.

8. Nexas Bluetooth 5.0 OBD2 Scanner

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The Nexas brand has done a very fine job by creating this magnificent Bluetooth OBD2 scanner that performs exceptional battery tests and diagnoses the engine.

It is one of the Best Bluetooth OBD2 scanners for reading engine fault codes and showing readings in real-time.

It has a very large dashboard display for performing exceptional battery tests and solid onboard monitoring.

This device can easily enter anywhere thanks to its superbly compact construction.

This multi-functional device can be bought without hurting the pocket at a very affordable price.

The company has provided it with a very convenient model for wonderful functioning and intelligence.


  • Wonderful level technology for top-level brands like Audi, BMW, and Lexus.
  • Designed with a broad dashboard display for a range of information.
  • Equipped with data flow waveform for easier reading.
  • Provide exceptional customer service.


  • Drains battery very quickly.
  • Difficult to understand instructions.

9. Foseal Car WIFI OBD 2 Scan Tool

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We have placed this ultra-cheap scan tool in the ninth position thanks to its impressive airflow calculation and solid compatibility.

The Foseal brand has done a solid job by creating a super amazing product for a terrific experience.

It is compatible with many models, including Audi to BMW and Doge, for extra convenience.

Despite being affordable, it is delivered to the customers’ homes with a one-year guarantee for solid peace of mind.

Overall, this equipment is a good quality Bluetooth OBD2 scanner for efficient operation.

You may have to face minor issues with the unit, but the overall performance is still quite good.


  • Give universal compatibility for every OBD2 protocol.
  • Inform about the sensual data of vehicles.
  • Compatible with lots of top cars.
  • Backed by a one-year guarantee for a better experience.
  • Compactly designed for easy operation.


  • The outer body is made from below-quality material.
  • Scan instructions are poor.

10. Autel MaxiAP AP200 OBD2 Scanner

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The list will end up with this incredibly designed AP200 giving excellent value for the money.

It is a handy diagnostic tool for assessing the vehicle with live data to find fault codes.

You will fall in love with the performance of this solid Bluetooth OBD2 scanner for doing a variety of functions like checking MIL, bleeding brakes, and many more.

The availability of this unit helps the users save lots of time and effort. If we talk about its size, it has a very lightweight construction for ensuring you easily keep it in your pocket. Its user-friendly interface is perfect for reading codes.

There is no better way to end the list of best Bluetooth OBD2 canners than this exceptionally designed equipment for efficient operation.

It gives solutions to more than 19 special features, including IMMO, SAS, EPB, and OLS.


  • It performs a solid range of specific functions and gives incredible information regarding errors.
  • Effective communication for faulty codes.
  • Accessed on a variety of electronic car systems.
  • Retrieves diagnostic trouble codes instantly.
  • Designed in a very beautiful & compact body.


  • Reset buttons aren’t too good.
  • Paid unlocking might be an issue for certain people.

Bluetooth OBD2 Scanners Buying Guide

A wide range of features varies from one model to another that needs to be understood quickly. Look for the following features before finally making the decision.


Every scanner doesn’t work with all sorts of cars, and that’s why it is suggested to choose a model having maximum compatibility.

Make sure the device you choose works for your vehicle adequately. 

OBD Support

If you choose the scanner for professional use, it is crucial to go for a model with enhanced OBD support. This feature will be helpful for the effective diagnosis of errors quickly. 

Warranty Period

The next thing to check in a Bluetooth OBD2 scanner is its warranty period. It is strongly suggested to have a model with at least one year warranty for a better experience.


Although it is a personal choice, the budget still needs to be taken very seriously while buying the OBD2 scanner.

As you have already seen, a good quality model can be bought anywhere between $20 & $200 according to available features.

Choose the one that seems suitable to your needs instead of looking at the price tag.

Apps Detail

Looking at the apps to use the equipment is a very important consideration. Choosing a Bluetooth OBD2 scanner that works with your desired apps to transfer data conveniently is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I leave Bluetooth OBD plugged in?

It depends on how frequently you are driving the vehicle. If used regularly, there is no issue in leaving it plugged in at all. However, avoid doing this if the vehicle isn’t’ used for days or weeks.

Do OBD2 scanners show real-time oil pressure?

It depends on what kind of model you choose for performing this job. Additionally, there is a substantial part played by the vehicle on which you are choosing the scanner.

Can I reset the error code with the OBD2 scanner?

Yes, you can easily reset the error code using the OBD2 scanner. It is recommended to check the vehicle out if the same code appears multiple times.


We have presented information about a few of the best Bluetooth OBD2 scanners to make a choice easier for every buyer.

It would help if you decided according to the list of features for having an efficient experience. It is an excellent tool that can be very handy for various situations.

If you have any queries regarding the content of this post, feel free to write about them in the comment section.

Our team will be waiting to answer it with the desired information.

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