How To Use FIXD Scanner?

FIXD is a small but useful OBD2 scan tool to read engine fault codes. It’s a compact, portable, and cost-effective scanner for car or truck owners. Also, using this scanner is very easy.

In this guide, we shall learn- how to use FIXD scanner! If you’ve ordered a FIXD OBD2 scanner from the official website or Amazon, read this step-by-step process to use this tool.

How To Use FIXD Scanner?

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If you’ve received your FIXD car scanner, then follow these steps to set it up for the first time. Also, you should ensure that the FIXD code reader is compatible with your car model.

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The following car models are compatible with the FIXD OBD2 car scanner:

  • Vehicles that were made after 1996 and sold in the USA are compatible.
  • Vehicles that are made after 2006 and sold other outside the USA are compatible.
  • Diesel vehicles made after 2008 are compatible.

Follow these steps to set up the FIXD OBD2 scanner for the first time:

Step 1: Download Fixd App

First, download the FIXD App from Google Play Store or Apple iOS Store. Ensure your Android phone is running above Android 4.4+ and your iPhone is running above iOS 14+.

Step 2: Register Account

If you’re a new customer of FIXD, register a new account on the App. If you already have an account with Fixd scanner, choose the login option.

Step 3: Turn ON Bluetooth

Go to your phone settings menu and turn ON the Bluetooth. Do NOT pair with the Fixd OBD device from the Bluetooth menu. The pairing action will automatically happen when you open the Fixd App.

Step 4: Connect Fixd Scanner

Select your repair preferences and enable the maintenance reminder. Now tap on the “I have a FIXD sensor,” It will ask to allow Camera access. Click on Allow.

Step 5: Scan/Enter Sensor Code

FIXD OBD2 scanner comes with unique sensor codes. Just scan the back of the FIXD device to scan the code or enter the sensor code manually.

Step 6: Start Your Car Engine

Turn ON the ignition switch and start your car/truck engine.

Step 7: Insert Fixd Scanner

OBD2 Port
OBD2 Port

Locate the OBD2 port of your vehicle and insert the Fixd scanner while running your engine. The OBD2 port is generally located underneath the dashboard on the driver’s side.

Verify that a Blue light is glowing in the Fixd scanner. It means your OBD2 device has power, and it’s ready to connect with your smartphone.

Step 8: Open Fixd App

Launch Fixd App on your smartphone, and it’ll automatically scan the nearby Fixd devices.

If a device is found, tap on “I found it” and enter the vehicle name VIN to continue.

Now Fixd scan tool has been connected with your vehicle ECU, and you can scan your car for any fault code.

How To Complete Your First Scan With FIXD OBD2 Sensor?

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So, you’ve set up your FIXD OBD2 scanner with your smartphone. Now, you can scan for any malfunction in your car. You can leave it plugged in to track live data.

Let’s learn how to scan a car with a FIXD OBD II scanner-

Step 1: Launch FIXD App

Launch FIXD App on your smartphone and verify that your OBD2 sensor is connected and communicating with OBD.

Step 2: Tap On Scan

Scan Menu

Inside the FIXD App navigation, you’ll find a Scan option at the bottom left corner. Click on that!

Tap to Scan

Now you’ll see the “Tap to Scan” button in the middle of the smartphone screen. Tap on that!

Step 3: Wait for a Few Minutes

FIXD Scan Result

Once your click on the Tap to Scan button, FIXD will start the scanning process.

It will take a few minutes to diagnose your car sensors and provide the health report.

You’ll see the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) on your phone screen. It also shows a short description of the problem found in your vehicle.

However, if you’re a premium FIXD member, it’ll also tell the estimated costs for repairs.

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FIXD is a great OBD2 scan tool that you can leave plugged in to detect trouble codes in real-time. FIXD scanner works with both Android and iOS devices. You can read the step-by-step process to set up the FIXD car sensor and scan the issue in your car.

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  1. I have a 2010 Nissan Cube. It looks like I must remove the plastic/rubber outer liner on the plug in in order to insert the Fixd device. It will not insert without providing more room. Is the the remedy that I must follow to use this device?


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