FIXD Review (2022): Should You Buy This?

If you love driving and camping, you need a compact OBD2 scanner to detect errors in your car or truck.

FIXD and BlueDriver are the two most popular wireless OBD2 sensors that detect fault codes in your vehicle.

FIXD is the most affordable and compact OBD sensor that supports all vehicles made after 1996 in the USA.

If you’re going to order the scanner, you must read my FIXD review to find out the real Pros and Cons of this tool. I’ve been using a FIXD sensor for 7-months, and I’ll share my experience with you.

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If you’re confused about the FIXD sensor worth $59, I’ll share my honest opinion on this.

Let’s start!

FIXD Reviews: Does It Work With All Cars?

I heard a lot of hype about the FIXD car sensors, then a few months back, I decided to order one and test myself. It cost me $55 during the Black Friday sale, and they delivered after three days.

I’ve been testing the FIXD OBD-II scanner on my Jeep Wrangler for 7-months, and here’s a summary of what I noticed during this duration.


  • Its affordable and supports all vehicles made after 1996.
  • The FIXD app UI is clean & easy to use.
  • It sends notification when a service is required.
  • FIXD premium tells the estimated repair cost.


  • Sometimes you’ll face connectivity issue with WiFi enabled.
  • It doesn’t support electric vehicles.

What is FIXD?

FIXD Sensor

FIXD is a compact yet affordable wireless OBD2 sensor that works with all cars manufactured after 1996 in the USA.

It’s a tiny adapter in your vehicle’s OBD2 port and connects with your smartphone (Android & iPhone) via Bluetooth.

It detects over 7000+ potential issues in your car and alerts you in real-time. Also, it tells the estimated repair costs to save your money from thugs.

The process of using FIXD is easy, and you can find errors even without technical knowledge. It does not require any external power source.

What is FIXD Premium?

You must have learned about FIXD premium when you visited the FIXD official website.

FIXD premium is an additional feature that comes with monthly or annual subscriptions. It provides cost estimation for repair and on-call support from FIXD mechanics.

Now, a question may come to your mind- Do I need a monthly or yearly subscription to use the FIXD obd2 scanner?

The answer is- NO!

You can use the FIXD obd scan tool without any subscription. FIXD is completely free to use. You can detect all trouble codes for free.

However, if you want to know the estimated repair cost and on-call support from FIXD, you can subscribe to their premium plan.

When I ordered the FIXD car sensor from their official website, they offered me one week’s trial of FIXD premium.

You can also order the FIXD sensor from the link given below and book one week’s free trial of FIXD premium. You can cancel the FIXD premium subscription anytime.

How Does FIXD Work?

You’ll receive a FIXD adapter with an OBD2 interface when you place the order. You need to plug this adapter into your vehicle (car or truck) and enable Bluetooth on your smartphone.

Now download the FIXD app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once you install the app, you’ll be asked to Sign Up for a FIXD account.

There are no sign-up charges for the FIXD account. Just enter your Name, Email, and Phone number to sign up.

Now, confirm the email and log in to the FIXD app. It will automatically detect the adapter and ask to enter the secret code printed on the back of the adapter.

When you finish the process, FIXD will be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Now you can scan your car/truck OBD2 codes with the help of the FIXD app installed on your phone.

FIXD OBD2 adapter will wirelessly collect the data from your vehicle ECU and reflect it on your smartphone screen.

You can leave the FIXD OBD2 plugged in to read the live data. It consumes very less power from your car battery.

If you receive your sensor, read this guide on- how to set up and use the FIXD sensor.

What Kind of Problem Does FIXD Detect in Your Car?

Before ordering an OBD2 scanner, you must be aware of its functionalities. You can detect the following car problems with the FIXD sensor:

  • Check Engine Light: FIXD scanner can detect over 7000+ problems in your car/truck. If your “Check Engine Light” or MIL (malfunction indicator lamp) is glowing, then you can detect the error codes with the help of the FIXD obd2 scanner.
  • Live Data: It can detect the live engine data such as Engine RPM, Engine Temperature, Fuel Economy, Coolant Temperature, etc.
  • VIN: It can also detect the VIN history of your car, such as model, make, registration date, service history, etc.
  • Emission: It reads data from the O2 sensor and gives exhaust data so that you can check and pass the emission test.
  • Reset Error Codes: If your check engine light is glowing and ECU has detected an error code, you can reset those codes with the FIXD obd scanner.

There are a lot more problems that FIXD can detect and notify you in real-time. However, you can not reprogram the ECU with the FIXD sensor.

Top 5 Features of FIXD Car Sensor

FIXD adapter has a compact and elegant white look design. It can be carried anywhere easily.

Apart from portability and design, here are the top 5 features of the FIXD car sensor that I like:

1. Easy To Use

FIXD doesn’t contain any wire that you need to connect. A wireless obd fault code reader connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Also, the FIXD App UI is very clean and easy to use. Instead of just providing DTC (diagnostic trouble code), it also provides the meaning of those codes so that you can understand the actual problem detected in your car.

2. Quick Scan

When you open the FIXD app, you’ll get a Quick Scan button. When you tap on the scan button, it’ll retrieve all the fault codes stored in the vehicle ECU and inform the real problem found in your car.

3. Multiple Cars In One Account

When installing the app, you’ll be asked to log in with your FIXD account. FIXD supports multiple cars in one account.

This feature makes it easy to schedule the maintenance of all cars under a single umbrella. I love it because I’m monitoring all three cars in one account.

4. Maintenance Reminder

When you install the app, make sure to allow notification from the FIXD app. It’ll remind you of maintenance and services. You don’t need to open the app every time to find out the issue.

5. Android & iOS Support

It supports both Android and iOS operating systems. However, the data is stored at a secured server of FIXD, so you can retrieve the information anytime, anywhere.

It’s a cross-platform OBD2 app for Android as well as iOS. Also, the UI is similar on both platforms.

Pros & Cons


  • Its affordable and supports all vehicles made after 1996.
  • It provides over 7000+ potential errors in real time.
  • The FIXD app UI is clean & easy to use.
  • It sends notification when a service is required.
  • FIXD premium tells the estimated repair cost.
  • It supports Android & iOS.
  • It can clear OBD2 codes and turn of MIL.


  • Sometimes you’ll face connectivity issue with WiFi enabled.
  • It doesn’t support electric vehicles.
  • It doesn’t work with OBD-I protocol.

How Much Does FIXD Cost?

The regular price for one FIXD sensor is $59.99, and they provide a lifetime warranty at an additional cost of $9.99. However, they offer discounts on various sales.

If you order a pair of FIXD sensors, you only have to pay $89.99. Also, they provide a combo offer of $119.99 where you’ll get 3 FIXD sensors.

Currently, they’re offering a 67% discount for new customers. You can claim the offer by clicking below.

Is FIXD a Scam?

Before ordering one, I also explored Reddit and Quora to find out the answer to a question- is FIXD a scam? But, my friends suggested buying one, and I ordered from the official website.

After using 7-months, I can say that- FIXD is NOT a scam. It’s a budget-friendly Bluetooth OBD2 scanner that finds all the error codes in your car and truck.

Where Can I Buy FIXD Sensor?

FIXD is available on all major e-commerce portals such as Amazon, eBay, Bestbuy, etc. But, I always recommend buying it from the official website.

There are chances of scams when you buy from an unauthorized dealer or fake seller. So, I always prefer to buy from the FIXD official website. They’re delivering the sensor worldwide.

Does FIXD Support my Car?

FIXD sensor works with all the cars made after 1996 and has OBD2 protocol. However, the diesel and gasoline-powered cars made after 2006 also support the FIXD scan tool.

If you’re confused about whether your car supports the FIXD sensor or not, you can run a compatibility test here.


Don’t panic when the “Check Engine Light” is on while driving. You can detect and clear all trouble codes with the help of a FIXD car sensor. I’ve written detailed FIXD reviews and honest opinions on this compact and extremely affordable product. Order one and share your experience in the comment box.

Hi, I'm Richard, an ASE-certified mechanic in Florida, USA. I love to optimize car ECU for better fuel economy and troubleshoot engine code errors and fix them.

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