Bluedriver OBD2 Scanner Review – Is It Worth It?

BlueDriver Review

BlueDriver is a popular wireless OBD2 scanner that supports all cars and trucks made after 1996 in the USA.

But is BlueDriver worth the investement when other popular scan tools like FIXD and Carly are available at much lower prices?

Read my unbiased BlueDriver review before buying that. We’ll compare the features of the BlueDriver Pro scan tool with FIXD and Carly OBD-II scanners.


BlueDriver Scan Tool Overview

BlueDriver Pro OBD-II scan tool is a completely wireless OBD2 scanner for cars and trucks.

It supports all popular OBD2 Android apps and Windows software to retrieve trouble codes from ECU.

Due to its immense popularity and thousands of positive feedback, I couldn’t afford to not test it out myself.

A few months back, I purchased a FIXD scanner on another mechanic’s recommendation and was satisfied, but I ordered BlueDriver Pro for a comparison.

Let’s have look at what my experience was with the BlueDriver Pro OBD2 scanner.

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BlueDriver Scanner Review: Pros & Cons

  • Pros
    • It easily connects via Bluetooth.
    • It can read Airbags and ABS data.
    • BlueDriver App supports both Android & iOS.
    • You can save repair reports for later.
    • The app dashboard is customizable.
  • Cons

How Does BlueDriver Pro Work?

BlueDriver Pro OBD2 Scanner

BlueDriver Pro is a Bluetooth OBD2 scanner that retrieves diagnostic trouble codes from ECU (Engine Control Unit).

It’s a tiny device that plugs into the vehicle’s DLC (Data Link Connector), also called the OBD2 port.

Once it is plugged in, it takes power from your car or truck battery and creates a wireless connection.

Now, you can connect your smartphone via a Bluetooth network and perform the actions via BlueDriver App.

There is no monthly subscription to use the BlueDriver Pro OBD-II scanner. It’s a one-time investment, and you can scan your vehicle as many times as you want.

BlueDrive adapter connects to your car ECU and communicates via BlueDriver App. You can perform all the actions listed in your App’s dashboard.

For a complete set of FAQs, please check out my FAQ guide.

What Kind of Problems Does BlueDriver Detect?

Car Instrument Cluster

Unlike any other Bluetooth OBD2 scanners, BlueDriver can read and clear your engine DTC error codes.

You can detect many other problems in your with BlueDriver Pro:

  • Live Data: BlueDriver allows you to monitor your car health in real-time. You can check engine RPM, coolant temperature, fuel economy and other diagnostics right on your smartphone screen.
  • Scan All Accessories: You can scan your car accessories such as Airbags, ABS, TPMS and other diagnostics with the BlueDriver Pro scan tool. It’s a great feature that many other cheap Bluetooth scanners won’t provide.
  • Check Engine Light: Just in one tap, you can scan your vehicle’s health and retrieve error codes. Hence you can understand why Check Engine Light or MIL (malfunction indicator lamp) is triggered. BlueDriver also allows you to clear those fault codes in one click.
  • Smog Check: You can perform a scan for smog check and see if your car will pass the smog test or not. If any fault is detected, BlueDriver will inform you why it failed. Hence, you can go for repair and fix the issue before going for an emission test.
  • Freeze Frame: For a budget code reader, BlueDriver even offers the ability to Freeze Frame and take a snapshot of your diagnostics in order to allow more detailed troubleshooting.
  • Save Report: BlueDriver allows you to save a scan report so that you can access them later on. It’s helpful when you’re driving out of the city, and you can fix it when you reach your home.

Top 5 Features Of BlueDriver Pro OBDII Scan Tool

BlueDriver Pro is a small and handy OBD2 scanner that supports all vehicles sold after 1996 in the USA.

It has the ability to deeply scan your vehicle’s health and inform you of possible repairs.

1. Compact Design

BlueDriver Pro Bluetooth Scanner

When you’re driving off-road or camping, you can not carry a heavy scanner with you.

BlueDriver Pro is a compact and handy OBD2 scan tool then you can leave it plugged in while driving your car.

2. Easy To Use

BlueDriver App UI

It doesn’t require any professional skill to scan your car or truck with BlueDriver.

It’s a very easy-to-use car scan tool that everyone can use without any deep knowledge.

All you need to do is – just start your ignition, plug in the scanner, and connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Now, use the various options available in the apps to perform the action.

3. Wireless Connection

Bluedriver Wireless Pair

You do not require any wire or OBD2 adapter to connect with ECU. Rather, it has built-in 16 pins that go into the DLC and connect with ECU.

Now, you need a smartphone with the BlueDriver app installed on it to connect via Bluetooth. You can perform all the vehicle health scans wirelessly.

4. iOS and Android Support

BlueDriver Scan Tool

It doesn’t matter if you’re an Android user or an iPhone user, the BlueDriver app supports both platforms.

The process of installing the app is also easy. You’ll get a QR code on the adapter to scan and install the app quickly. It also works with other popular OBD2 apps.

5. Smog Check

Bluedriver Smog Check

A smog check is a great feature offered by BlueDriver. It helps to pass the smog test. You can scan your car before going for Smog Test.

It’ll give you all info on why the smog check failed. Hence you can go for repair and easily pass the smog test.

How Much Does The BlueDriver Scanner Cost?

In comparison with other popular Bluetooth OBD2 scanners, BlueDriver can cost more.

Check out Amazon for their latest price.

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It’s available on Amazon, eBay, and offline stores like AutoZone, O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly the BlueDriver Pro is a popular OBD2 scanner. It provides all the health scanning features for free. However, in terms of pricing, it lacks a few other scanners that offer similar features.

If you don’t think about pricing, you can definitely go and buy a BlueDriver scanner.

However, I recommend you to go for the FIXD OBD2 scanner as it finds over 7000+ faults and costs half the price of BlueDriver.

It comes with a free trial of FIXD Premium (that you can cancel anytime) which tells estimated repair costs and on-call support from ASE-certified mechanics.

Overall, BlueDriver is an easy-to-use and expensive Bluetooth car scanner. I hope my BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBD-II scan tool review will help you to make a decision.

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