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Explore our detailed reviews and comparisons of the latest OBD2 scanners. From budget-friendly tools to professional-grade options, we provide unbiased reviews from professional mechanics to help you find the perfect tool for your needs.

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Master your OBD2 scanner with our comprehensive guides for beginners and experienced mechanics. Learn to decode OBD2 codes, understand live data, reset ECUs, check oil pressure and monitor fuel pressure, and more.


Our troubleshooting guides provide practical solutions to common OBD2 problems and DTC error codes, from understanding what the SRS light means and decoding the wrench light to fixing issues related to the electronic throttle control light.

About OBD: On-Board Diagnostics

What are OBD scanners?

OBD, or On-Board Diagnostics, is essentially your car’s way of communicating with you about its health. An OBD scanner is a tool that lets you tap into this conversation. If you’re curious about where the tech is heading, you might want to check out the rumors about OBD3 and its upcoming features.

What are the different types of OBD scanners?

Bidirectional Scanners: These aren’t your ordinary scanners. They not only receive information but can also talk back to your car, making testing and diagnosis even more thorough. Here are some of the best bidirectional scan tools I tested for 2023.

Bluetooth Scanners: These are modern, wireless, and super convenient. If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, both FIXD and BlueDriver are solid picks. Dive into these top Bluetooth scanner recommendations to see what might work best for you.

I’ve got a light on my dashboard that’s bugging me. Can an OBD help with that?

For sure. Different lights signal various issues. If you’re dealing with the electronic throttle control light, here’s an in-depth explanation and fix. Seeing the SRS light? Here’s what it means and some handy repair tips. And if a wrench icon has got you puzzled, this guide will help you understand what your car is trying to tell you.

My OBD scanner isn’t communicating with my car. What should I do?

Technology can be finicky at times. If your scanner’s giving you the silent treatment, this step-by-step troubleshooting guide should help.

Do all cars have the same OBD port? Even, say, a Tesla?

While most modern cars are equipped with the OBD2 port, electric vehicles, like Tesla, might be a bit different. Here’s a detailed look at what Tesla models have on offer.

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