What is an OBD3 Scanner? Rumors, Features, Release Date

OBD3 Scanner

Car technology advancements and inventions are touching the sky every day. OBD (On-board Diagnostic) was a great invention. As time traveled, OBD2 was introduced. Now, people are eagerly waiting for the OBD3 release.

If you, too, are keen to know more about the OBD3 scanner features and the expected launch date, this article will discuss everything.

There is a lot of confusion in people’s minds, such as what the new features in OBD3 ports and scanners, the expected price for OBD3 scanners and when OBD3 will be available in the global market.


We’ll discuss everything in detail. But, as of now, the OBD2 protocol is supported for all cars and SUV trucks.

While we wait for OBD3 to come out …

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What is OBD III?

OBD3 Scanner

OBD3 will be an upgrade over OBD2 that is expected to launch with the next-generation technology and advanced features.

OBD3 minimizes the delay between emission detection and fixes the limitations of the OBD2 protocol.

Rumors are floating that OBD3 scanners will connect to wireless networks and directly send the emission check data to state authorities.


When OBD3 Will Be Released?

There is no accurate information available about the release date of OBD3 yet. However, it is expected that OBD3 will be released once all fuel-operated cars are replaced by electric vehicles.

In 1996, OBD2 became mandatory to implement in all vehicles. After that, no updates are available yet. However, OBD2 features are improved with time.

The last modifications were done in 2008, in which an OBD-II with Controller Area Network as specified by ISO 15765-4 became mandatory for all vehicles sold in the USA.

If you ask me when OBD3 will be released, then my answer would be around 2025 to 2028. However, this is just a random guess because no reliable information is available for the OBD3 release date.

Till then, we have to settle with OBD2 scanners only. You’ll be the first to know once we get any official news about the OBD3 release date.

OBD3 is the new technology in automotive industries that overcomes the shortcomings of the OBD2 system.

What Are The Expected Features of OBD3?

Automotive Service Association (ASA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are collectively working on the On-board Diagnostic 3rd generation concept.

OBD III is being discussed as a program to minimize the delay between the detection of an emissions malfunction by the OBD II system and the actual repair of the vehicle.

In OBD3, it is expected that the system automatically detects the emission of the vehicle and reports it to the regulatory.

Then, the vehicle owner is further directed by the regulator to get it tested and repaired.

Experts predicted that the monitoring technology detects a fault, a law enforcement officer stops the vehicle with the fault code, and a technician working with the officer at the scene verifies that a code is set.

There is no official information about OBD3 features. But, automotive experts expect the following features in the OBD3 upgrade:

  • OBD3 may come with wireless features. You don’t need to plug an OBD3 scanner into the OBD port.
  • It will be designed for electric cars and provide information about toxic gases released in the chemical reaction in the battery grid.
  • OBD3 may come with satellite data transfer features.
  • You can tune up your vehicle remotely.
  • OBD3 may inform the vehicle manufacturer about any faults or problems.
  • Many automobile experts predict that OBD3 may send your vehicle speed to police and insurance companies.

Note – These are just the expected features of OBD3. There is no official news about it. Actual features may vary.

The technology used in OBD3

The following technology shall be used in OBD III (Source)

  • Roadside reader.
  • Local station network.
  • Sattelite data transfer.

Does OBD3 Exist?

No! OBD3 is not released yet. However, this will be a great invention in the automotive industry.

We have to wait because there’s no official announcement from any car manufacturers or central authority.

OBD3 Cars

There are no OBD3-supported vehicles launched yet. However, it’s expected that Tesla, which is currently on OBD2, will be the first car manufacturer brand to launch OBD3 cars.

What is the difference between OBD2 and OBD3?

OBD3 is not available yet! All the vehicles launched after 1996 are supported by OBD2 protocols.

However, some rumors tell that OBD3 will periodically run the Emission Check or Smog Test and directly report it to the state authority.

There are no such features available in OBD2 scanners. Instead, we run the manual emission check manually to see if all the data are as per emission norms.

Final Verdict

Things are getting more advanced. OBD3 is the next step in the vehicle. If you’re curious about OBD3 features, I hope this article was helpful.

Although no information is available about the OBD3 release date, vehicle experts expect it to be released from 2025 to 2028.

Bookmark this page for more information about OBD III. We shall update it regularly if any update is available in the public domain.

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