Best OBD2 Scanners for Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler is the most popular offroader SUV worldwide. It’s one of the favorite SUVs for many because of its rugged and military-grade design.

It’s also a favorite among adventure-seekers who want to take their vehicles off-road. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a favorite with many other types of people as well.

For people who are looking for a versatile, rugged, and reliable vehicle that can take them through the toughest terrain, Jeep Wrangler is your best friend.

But, sometimes, it gives P0122 and P0128 error codes, and you can not depend on anyone when you are driving off-road.

Hence, it would help if you get a Jeep scanner to detect the actual issue. I’ve listed the Best OBD2 Scanner for Jeep Wrangler.

Best OBD2 Scanner For Jeep

An OBD2 scanner is convenient to use and allows you to check issues, especially during hot sunny days.

If your Jeep has a Check Engine Light on, then you need to use a Jeep scanner to identify the actual problem.

You can clear codes without going to a mechanic garage. The scanner helps to save you from expensive jeep repair.

However, it’s a difficult decision to make because lots of popular OBD scanners are available online.

This is why we came up with this blog, where you get the best OBD2 scanners within your budget.

Best OBD2 Scanner For Jeep Wrangler

We made our list by considering all the vital aspects. Here you’ll find the most affordable Bluetooth OBD2 scanners and wired scanners for professionals.

Top 5 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanners

Bluetooth OBD Scanner

Let’s have a look at the top-rated wireless OBD2 scanners that you can operate from your smartphone.

1. FIXD Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

FIXD Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

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I’ve been using a FIXD car sensor for the last 7-month, and I can confidently say- This is the most affordable and easy-to-use Bluetooth OBD2 scanner for DIY purposes.

It’s a simple device with a simple interface, so you can easily navigate through the menu and scan the codes.

You can find the service manual online if you want to know more about fixing the car.

The device is designed strategically to cut down the cost of repairing and maintenance. With this, you can easily track the engine’s health and diagnose it better.

It offers to diagnose reports in an easy-to-understand format so anyone can easily understand and use it to know about repairing needs.


  • Multi-vehicle control to schedule services properly.
  • Navigate issues faster to avoid costly repairs.
  • Bluetooth enabled for fast navigation.
  • Easy to read the report.


  • Sometimes I face connectivity issues when WiFi is enabled.

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2. BlueDriver Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android

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BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBD-II scan is yet another very popular OBD2 scanner that connects with your smartphone wirelessly.

Its very stylish and ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use and carry along.

It gives you a clear picture of the vehicle’s complexity and repairing needs.

BlueDriver is a modern scan tool that allows you to get clear codes, deeply read about the functionality, and scan smoothly to diagnose issues.

With this, you get unlimited vehicle repair reports, which help save time and money.

This tool has all the capabilities that work seamlessly like a heavy grated scanner tool.

Overall, it would be worth the investment and allow you to get reports about repairing needs faster.


  • Unlimited diagnosing reporting saves a lot of time.
  • Professional automotive technicians verify it.
  • Operate with your smartphones and iPhones.
  • No subscription is required.


  • Data reliability is a big concern.

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3. OBDLink MX+ OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner

OBDLink MX+ OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner for iPhone, Android, and Windows

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If you need the best obd2 scanner for Jeep Grand Cherokee, we assure you love this OBDLink MX device.

This is extremely portable and easy to use. Users can even operate with their iPhone, Windows PC, and Android devices.

This excellent diagnostic tool generates a short report about the engine and focuses on parameters like SRS, ABS, and TMPS.

Timely it provides firmware updated for better working efficiency and smooth operations.

This would be like a professional diagnosing tool that allows you to have a real-time report about the problems to have repair services.


  • Enhance diagnosing and generating reports faster.
  • GM-LAN and Ford MS-Can to understand clear trouble areas.
  • Display multiple parameters and ensure smooth gauges.
  • Hackproof and reduce the risk of unauthorized access.


  • The price is high.

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4. BAFX Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

for Android Phones ONLY - Wireless Bluetooth Diagnostic OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader and Scan Tool for All 1996 & Newer Vehicles ELM327 Compatible OBDII

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BAFX is a simple and effective tool that helps to give you a detailed report about the functions and engines.

BAFX is easily paired with your Android and another device via Bluetooth. With this, you can easily read about the engine faults and severity level of the engine.

The device generates real-time data, which eventually helps to save a lot of time and get repairing services faster without delay.

Unlike other OBD2 scanners, which may have problems with fast response, this is a beast of all.

It reads and analyzes the problem faster and is your all-time companion for diagnosing problems in vehicles.


  • Very easy to use and read faster.
  • Compatible with Android and iPhones.
  • No subscriptions are required.
  • It helps to find out problematic areas faster.


  • Installation issues are there but work seamlessly.

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5. OBDCheck BLE+ Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

Veepeak OBDCheck BLE+ Bluetooth 4.0 OBD II Scanner for iOS & Android, Car Diagnostic Code Reader Scan Tool for Universal OBDII/EOBD Vehicles

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Now, you can check your engine health by yourself with OBDCheck BLE+.

This device helps to read the diagnostic trouble codes and helps to reset the engine light view.

You get real-time readings about speed, EGT, Throttle, Fuel Trim, etc.

OBDCheck can easily connect with your Android device and allow you to get the report faster.

Moreover, you can also do more with its extensive features like PIDs, enhanced diagnostics, etc.

The device is pretty useful whether you want to diagnose the batteries, find trouble in electric vehicles, or other issues.


  • Compatible with all forms of vehicles and devices.
  • Generate reports about engine health in real-time.
  • Diagnose all forms of issues like a professional mechanic.
  • Time saver and find faults to get repair services.


  • iOS App is buddy.

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Professional OBD2 Scanners for Mechanic

Foxwell OBD2 Scanner

If you’re a professional mechanic and need the best bi-directional obd2 scanner for Jeep Renegade and other Jeep models, find out the list below.

6. Autel MaxiPRO OBD Scan Tool

Autel MaxiPRO MP808 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool with 2 Years Free Update, Bi-Directional Control, 30+ Service Function, Key Coding and Injector Coding Same Function as MS906 / DS808

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The Autel MaxiCOM OBD2 scanner is extremely fast and responsive. This is an ideal option for professional mechanics and personal users.

With this device, you can easily diagnose more than 25 hot services such as SAS calibration, IMMO keys, Odometer, Injector, ABS Bleeding, etc.

The device works with all makes and models of cars available worldwide. This scanning tool is extremely easy to use and highly affordable.

It delivers maximum diagnosing speed and is convenient to use. Users get one year warranty and 30 days return policy.

If the tool doesn’t meet your requirement, return and claim for money back.


  • Convenient to use.
  • Automatic software updating and one-year free update.
  • OE-level system coverage.
  • Cloud-based reporting and real-time data.


  • Only suitable for professional mechanics.

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7. Autel MaxiCOM OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scanner

Autel Scanner MaxiCOM MK808S, 2023 Bidirectional Tool Updated of MaxiCheck MX808 MK808, 28+ Service, Active Test, All System Diagnosis, Injector Coding/EPB/BMS/SAS/TPMS/AutoVIN/ABS, FCA Autoauth

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The Autel MaxiCOM OBD2 scanner is extremely fast and responsive. This is an ideal option for professional mechanics and DIYers.

With this device, you can easily diagnose more than 25 hot services such as SAS calibration, IMMO keys, Odometer, Injector, ABS Bleeding, etc.

You can use this device on any car model available worldwide. This scanning tool is extremely easy to use and highly affordable.

It delivers maximum diagnosing speed and is convenient to use. Users get one year warranty and 30 days return policy.

If the tool doesn’t meet your requirement, return and claim for money back.


  • Provide diagnosing check for more than 25 problems.
  • Additional IMMO keys are available.
  • Features with the anti-theft system to ensure the safety of vehicles.
  • Real-time diagnosing of data.


  • Not beginner-friendly.

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8. Foxwell NT809 Bidirectional OBD2 Scanner

FOXWELL NT809 Pro Bidirectional Scan Tool,2023 Newest 30+ Reset All System OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool,Car Scanner Diagnostic for All Cars w/ABS Bleed Oil Light SAS Battery Injector Crank Relearn

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This smart scanning tool is very handy and allows you to perform bi-directional vehicle scanning to generate fast and effective reporting.

This is very convenient and effective to use. It saves your time and effort of going to the mechanic shops and paying many bills without having an actual fault.

A smart Android 9.0 operating system allows you to get reports faster, and with one click, you are good to check the vehicle’s condition.

It covers more than 108 conditions and allows you to get data about the airbag working, engine malfunctioning, air condition, headlamps, etc.

By diagnosing, you can save a lot of time and money repairing the vehicles.


  • Bi-directional functioning.
  • Instant reporting about every issue in the vehicle.
  • Cover dozens of features.
  • Battery voltage display for feedback.


  • The interface can be better.

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9. LAUNCH CRP123 OBD2 Scanner

LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner CRP123 Elite - 2023 Newest Model Engine/ABS/SRS/Transmission Diagnostic Scan Tool SRS Airbag Code Reader,Lifetime Free Update

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This device is an excellent tool for car owners who are lazy about repairing and other issues.

This scanner can test the ABS, engine, Airbags, transmission, and other things quickly and hassle-free.

There is a fault error code reader which can diagnose the problem faster.

It features ten modes of OBD2 diagnostic functions such as freeze frame data, retrieving I/M readiness, read dynamic data stream, O2 sensor test, and vehicle information.

Moreover, you get an advanced onboarding monitoring launch that helps to diagnose the problem easily.

It generates satisfactory reports to maintain the longevity of the vehicles.


  • Detect all problems associated with vehicles.
  • Ten modes of OBD2 diagnostic functions.
  • It supports ECU reprogramming.
  • Quick reporting with seamless accuracy.


  • Too many updating requests.

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10. FOXWELL NT624 Elite OBD2 Scanner

FOXWELL OBD2 Scanner NT624 Elite All Systems 5 Resets Car Diagnostic Tool for All Vehicles ABS Bleeding/SAS Calibration/Throttle Reset/Oil/EPB Reset OBD Scanner Diagnostic Tool

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FOXWELL is the right fault diagnosing tool for vehicle owners. This OBD2 scanner allows you to diagnose the problems like engine misfunctioning, airbag opening problems, and many more.

Besides that, it can diagnose many more systems like SAS, EPB engine, ESP, SRS transmission, and headlamp.

This tool offers wide compatibility with so many vehicles and ensures easy diagnosing.

You don’t need to go for expensive repair services. It delivers accurate information so you can rely on diagnosing issues of the vehicles.


  • Fastest way of diagnosing vehicle problems.
  • Auto-scan the problem and generate the data.
  • Designed for professional usage.
  • Save extra repairing costs.


  • Doesn’t support bigger vehicles.

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So, here you go with the best jeep wrangler code reader. Now, you can decide on purchasing very easily.

The warnings and indicators will help you find the problematic areas easily and save your time. The best thing is you also save yourself from expensive repairing deals.

However, the final decision is on you which OBD2 scanner fits your budget. We would recommend reading about details before making your purchasing decision.

Richard Gregson is a Florida-based car mechanic with a deep passion for OBD sensors. He has spent countless hours tinkering with these sensors and has become an expert in their installation and repair. Richard's extensive knowledge and experience have made him a go-to resource for other car mechanics looking to learn more about OBD sensors.

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