How To Pair BlueDriver with Android Phone?

This tutorial is for you if you face any issues pairing your BlueDriver scanner with an Android phone.

Lemur Vehicle Monitor provides two types of BlueDriver scanners. One which serial number ends with a Number Only has a different method and the second one that ends with LE has a different method to pair.

BlueDriver won’t pair with Android if you don’t follow the correct instruction. I’ll teach you how to pair BlueDriver with Android in this guide.

How To Pair BlueDriver with Android Phone?

BlueDriver is one of the few wireless OBD2 scanners that provide complete vehicle scanning features, including Check Engine, Power Train, Transmission System, Airbags, ABS, etc.

Setting up and pairing your BlueDriver is easy with Android. Follow the step-by-step process explained here-

Step #1: Install BlueDriver App

Install BlueDriver

First, go to Google Play Store and download and install the latest version of the BlueDriver app. If you already have installed an older version of the BlueDriver app, update it from Play Store.

Step #2: Allow App Permissions

Allow Permissions

BlueDriver app will ask to allow motion sensor, Bluetooth settings, Location services, and other device permissions to function properly; make sure you’ve allowed all the permissions. It won’t connect to your phone if you don’t allow it.

Step #3: Enable Bluetooth Settings

Bluetooth Settings

Again, this is cross-checking. If you allow all the apps permissions, it’ll automatically enable the Bluetooth of your device. However, go to device Bluetooth settings and ensure it’s enabled.

Step #4: Turn ON Ignition

Engine Start Button

Suppose your car is keyless; double press the start button to turn on the ignition.

Do not press the brake paddle; otherwise, your car engine will start. We just have to turn ON the ignition, not the engine.

If your car is not keyless, insert your key in the ignition switch and rotate once in the clockwise direction. Do not start the engine.

Step #5: Insert BlueDriver Sensor

BlueDriver in OBD2 Port

Locate your OBD2 port (generally located underneath the driver’s dashboard) and insert the BlueDriver sensor in it.

Wait for a few seconds until the BlueDriver sensor is ready to connect with your Android smartphone.

Note: Do not insert the BlueDriver sensor if your engine is in motion or ignition is OFF. Otherwise, you’ll face OBD communication failure.

Step #6: Launch BlueDriver App

Go to your smartphone apps menu and open the BlueDriver app. You’ll be asked to Sign In for a BlueDriver account. You can Sign Up for a free account from the Apps menu or this link.

Step #7: Click On Connect


On Android devices, BlueDriver will automatically connect to your phone. However, you can pair it manually from the app interface if it won’t connect automatically.

Tap on the “Connect” option in the app’s top-right corner. You’ll see two options: “Numbers Only” and “LE.”

If your BlueDriver sensor serial number ends with LE, tap on “LE” or “Numbers Only.”

Step #8: Follow On-Screen Instructions

Pair BlueDriver with Android

Unplug the sensor from the OBD2 port, and Turn OFF-Turn ON the ignition. Re-insert the OBD2 sensor into the port and tap on “Ready” on your app’s screen.

It’ll start searching for all nearby BlueDriver sensors, and you can connect with your sensor.


If you follow the steps mentioned above correctly, you won’t face any issues pairing your BlueDriver OBD2 scanner with your Android phone. I hope you found this tutorial easy to understand.

Do share your valuable feedback in the comment box. Let me know if you’re still facing any issues connecting any Bluetooth OBD2 scanner with Android.

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