BlueDriver Scanner FAQs: All Queries Answered【Ultimate Guide】

If you’ve read my BlueDriver review, then you must get to know that it’s one of the best wireless OBD2 scanners for cars and trucks.

If you have any questions in your mind, then read this BlueDriver scanner FAQs ultimate guide.

I’ve tried to include all known questions and answered them in easy-to-understand language.

However, if you find that I’ve forgotten to include anything important, do let me know in the comment box.

BlueDriver Scanner FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions)

BlueDriver Po OBD2 Scanner

BlueDriver is one of the most popular Bluetooth-supported wireless OBD scanners that offer complete health checks on cars and trucks.

You can perform all normal actions like OBD2 code reading, clear OBD codes, Check Engine Light reset, MIL status reading, Live Data reading, Fuel Economy, Engine RPM, Coolant Temperature, VIN lookup, etc.

You can also check transmission sensors reading, oil reset, TPMS reset, battery light reset, etc.

I know you’ve many other questions in your mind

. Here I’m trying to answer them one by one.

Let’s get started!

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BlueDriver Compatibility Related FAQs

Here are some BlueDriver scanner FAQs (frequently asked questions) with answers:

Does BlueDriver Work on All Cars?

BlueDriver sensor works on all the cars made after 1996 in USA and Canada. Also, it supports all the cars and mini trucks which work on the OBD2 protocol made after 2000 (depending on the country).

Does BlueDriver Work On Audi?

Yes! BlueDriver version 6.11 or later supports all popular cars manufactured by Audi.

Does BlueDriver Work on Trucks?

Yes! BlueDriver is a wireless OBD2 code reader that works with all the cars and trucks that support the OBD2 protocol.

Does BlueDriver Work on BMW?

Yes! BlueDriver scanner work on all the BMW models made after 2005 (including Mini models).

Does BlueDriver Work on Mercedes?

Yes! BlueDriver sensor works with all the luxury cars made by Mercedes-Benz after 2005.

Does BlueDriver Work on Porsche?

Yes! BlueDriver does support all the Porsche cars made after 2005.

Does BlueDriver Work on European Cars?

European countries work on EOBD, but BlueDriver supports cars and SUV trucks made after 2001 (Petrol) and 2004 (Diesel). Some users reported compatibility issues with European cars.

Does BlueDriver Work on Japanese Cars?

BlueDriver supports all the Japanese cars made after 2010. If you have an older model of any Japanese car, you’ll face compatibility issues.

Does BlueDriver Work on Volvo?

Yes! BlueDriver supports all the models manufactured after 1996 and sold in USA and Canada made by Volvo.

Does BlueDriver Work with Indian Cars?

Yes! BlueDriver works with all Indian cars made after 2013 and supports OBD2 protocols.

Does BlueDriver Work with Volkswagon?

Yes! BlueDriver is compatible with all the Volkswagon cars manufactured after 2005.

General BlueDriver FAQs

Where To Buy BlueDriver Scanner?

BlueDriver is available at various Walmart stores nearby your location. However, you can purchase the BlueDriver scan tool Online on Amazon and Walmart.

Which is Better BlueDriver vs FIXD?

BlueDriver and FIXD are the two most popular Bluetooth OBD2 scanners for cars and mini trucks. Both work great and they’ve their own Pros and Cons but FIXD cost much lesser than BlueDriver.

I’m using both the scan tools and BlueDriver have some advanced features like TPMS reset and Oil reset.

FIXD also can scan and fix over 7000+ potential errors in your vehicle.

Where BlueDriver is Made?

The parent company of BlueDriver is Lemur Vehicle Monitors which is located in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

Can You Leave BlueDriver Plugged In?

If you’re driving your vehicle, you can leave the BlueDriver plugged in to read live data.

Even if you’re parking your car, you can leave it plugged in because it consumes very less power from the car’s battery.

But, if you’re parking in your garage for a week or two, it’s better to remove the BlueDriver adapter from the OBD2 port. Otherwise, it drains the power and you’ll face starting issue next time.

Is There Any Monthly Fee For BlueDriver?

No! BlueDriver is not a subscription-based tool. You don’t need to pay any monthly fee for using the BlueDriver scanner. There is only a one-time purchase of $120 and you’re good to go.

Will BlueDriver Read ABS Codes?

Yes! BlueDriver can read and clear ABS, Airbags, Transmission, and other module codes.

Does BlueDriver Read BCM?

Yes! BlueDriver 7.2 or later can read Powertrain and Body Control Module (BCM).

Is BlueDriver Bi-directional?

No! BlueDriver is not a bi-directional obd2 scanner. However, it can perform many advanced scanning and functioning that a bidirectional scanner does.

Can BlueDriver Test Alternator?

If your vehicle is reporting alternator and charging data to ECU, BlueDriver can read that information from the ECU.

Does BlueDriver Read Transmission Temperature?

No! Currently, BlueDriver is not capable to read the transmission temperature. You have to go for a professional-grade obd2 scanner to read such advanced data.

Can BlueDriver Bleed ABS?

No! You can not bleed ABS with BlueDriver. It only helps to clear the ABS code once you’ve done the repair.

Can I Register BMW Battery with BlueDriver?

BlueDriver supports a battery registration feature for many cars. But, there is no clear information given by Lemur Vehicle Monitors if it supports BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Can BlueDriver Reset Oil Life?

Yes! You can reset the oil life indicator and tpms light with BlueDriver 7.2 or later on.

Can BlueDriver Reset Airbag Light?

Yes! If you’ve fixed the issue involved with your airbags and want to reset the Airbag light then BlueDriver can do this.

Can BlueDriver Read Injector Balance Rate?

No! BlueDriver can not read injector balance rate data. You need to buy an advanced obd2 scanner for this task.

Can BlueDriver Read Wheel Speed Sensor?

Currently, BlueDriver is not capable to read enhanced live data like the wheel speed sensor.

Can BlueDriver Clear Codes?

BlueDrive can read all the diagnostic trouble codes stored in your ECU. Also, you can clear all the codes to reset MIL (malfunction indicator lamp).

Will BlueDriver Read Oil Pressure?

No, you can not read oil pressure with the BlueDriver obd2 scanner.

Will BlueDriver Drain my Battery?

Yes, BlueDriver needs the power to work. It takes power from your OBD2 port which is ultimately powered by your vehicle’s battery.

However, it consumes very less power to work. Hence, you don’t need to bother. But, if you’re not driving your vehicle for more than one week, it’s recommended to unplug it from your DLC (data link connector).

Does BlueDriver Work with Torque Pro?

BlueDriver has its own app for Android and iOS devices. It also works with popular apps like Torque Pro but some functions are not compatible.

So, it’s recommended to use the official BlueDriver app to minimize conflicts and enjoy vehicle health check-ups for free.

Is BlueDriver App free?

Yes, the BlueDriver app is free to use on Android and iOS device. You do not need to pay for any subscription.

Can You Drive with BlueDriver?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe to drive with BlueDriver plugged in. In fact, you can read live data when you drive with BlueDriver plugged in.


I’ve covered many frequently asked questions about BlueDriver. I hope you found your query from the above list. If not, please add it in the comment box and I’ll answer them.

Enjoy riding!

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