Can You Leave OBD2 Plugged In The Car? (Expert Answer)

An OBD2 scanner is a diagnostic tool that reads codes from a vehicle computer.

The car mechanics use professional-grade OBD2 scanners for doing in-depth analysis.

But, there are many wireless OBD2 scan tools that can read basic problems in the car and SUV trucks.

We plug the wireless adapter into the OBD2 port and connect it with a smartphone or tablet to read the DTCs.

It takes power from the vehicle battery and retrieves all the trouble codes from the ECU (Engine Control Unit).

A question every time strikes the mind- how much battery does a car scanner consumes, or can you leave obd2 plugged in?

If you want to know- is it safe to keep the obd2 scanner plugged in, then this guide will clear all your doubts.

Can You Leave OBD2 Plugged In?

OBD2 Plugged In

Many OBD2 scanners come with a live data feature that shows the real-time data of your engine rpm, coolant temperature, intake air temperature, etc.

There is no harm in keeping wireless OBD2 plugged in while driving. Because it doesn’t affect your driving experience at all.

But, if you have an obd2 scan tool that requires a wired connection, you shouldn’t keep that plugged in a while driving. Because the wires may discomfort you while driving, that could lead to an accident.

I recommend you- do not keep your obd2 plugged in all the time. Many adapters start giving false error codes when you keep them plugged in for a long time. (many users reported this problem)

It depends from device to device. Always read your obd2 device manuals to understand if it’s safe to keep it plugged in or not.

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Does OBD Drain Battery When You Leave Plugged In?

Car battery testing

Yes, Bluetooth OBD drains the car battery, but it doesn’t affect much. However, poor quality or defective OBD can start the car ECU and drain the battery faster.

Can I leave BlueDriver plugged in?

BlueDriver Plugged In

BlueDriver is a top-rated Bluetooth OBD2 scanner that offers a live data feature. You can leave the BlueDriver scanner in your car without any issue. It doesn’t affect your car engine or battery anyway.

Does BlueDriver Drain Battery?

The straightforward answer is Yes! It does consume the battery level, but the drain rate doesn’t matter much. It has a live data feature that shows the live data of your car engine.


You can leave the OBD2 scanner plugged in while driving. It doesn’t affect your driving comfort. But, it’s not advised to leave an OBD2 scanner plugged in the car when you’re parking at home because it drains your battery.

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