P0000 DTC Code: What Does It Mean?

P0000 DTC Code

Does your OBD2 scanner show a P0000 trouble code on screen? In this guide, we shall understand the P0000 DTC code in detail. We’ll also learn to fix this trouble easily.

What is P0000 DTC Code?

P0000 DTC Code

P0000 is a rarely found trouble code on any scanner. It means, there’s no fault with the vehicle or the scanner was not able to detect any problem with any sensor.

What is the common cause of code P0000?

DTC P0000 is meant for “No Diagnostic Trouble Code Reported“. Generally, DTC P0000 is not reported by diagnostic scanner tools.


It means, your vehicle’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) doesn’t report any error code while scanning.

How to diagnose P0000 DTC?

If your MIL (malfunction indicator light) or CEL (check engine light) is illuminating it means the engine control unit (ECU) has detected a trouble code.

If you have a Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner, plug it into the OBD port. Connect your smartphone with the OBD2 scan tool app and run diagnostics.

If you get the P0000 diagnostic trouble code (DTC) on your scan display, it means there is no issue with your vehicle.

If your car is not showing any symptoms, you can continue driving. But, don’t forget to clear the trouble code so that you can track any other issue in your car.



P0000 doesn’t indicate any serious issue with your vehicle. It generally happens due to an incompatible scanner or poor-quality obd2 scanner.

If your MIL is glowing and the scanner detects P0000 DTC but the car driving experience is smooth then you can clear the CEL (check engine light) and continue driving without any worry.

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