How To Use OBD2 Scanner? (5 easy steps)

How to Use OBD2 Scanner

All new car models are coming with advanced sensor systems. Everything in your car is being controlled by sensors.

These sensors detect engine trouble and any malfunctions in your car. All these sensors are controlled any an ECU (electronic control unit).

If any sensor detects any trouble in your car, it sends information to ECU that converts the signal into electronic format.


These sensed trouble codes are known as diagnostic trouble codes, aka DTC. These codes are stored in ECU and require an OBD2 scan tool to read the trouble.

How To Use OBD2 Scanner?

OBD2 is known as Second Generation Onboard Diagnostic. Every car comes with a 16-pin OBD port.

ASE-certified mechanics use an advanced OBD2 scanner to find out the trouble code in your engine and tune up the performance.

But, nowadays, many Bluetooth OBD2 scan tools are available on the market.

These wireless OBD2 scanners can be connected to your smartphone. You can diagnose your car engine with the help of Bluetooth OBD2 scanners.


Follow these steps to understand how to use the OBD2 scanner to detect engine fault code-

How to Use OBD2 Scanner

If your engine check light is glowing, but you don’t know how to use the obd2 scanner to find out the error, follow these steps.

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Locate the OBD2 Port

    OBD2 Port

    The OBD2 port is a 16-pin port located below the car steering. It is usually attached underneath the dashboard on the driver’s side.

  2. Insert Your OBD2 Scanner

    OBD2 scanner inserted in port

    If you have a Bluetooth-enabled OBD2 scanner, insert it into the port and wait for a few seconds.

  3. Connect the OBD2 with Your Smartphone

    OBD2 Bluetooth Pair

    After waiting for a few seconds, open the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone and connect with the OBD2 device wirelessly.

  4. Open OBD2 App On Your Phone

    OBD2 App

    Open the OBD2 app on your smartphone and start your engine to read live data.

  5. Scan the Trouble Code

    Scan with OBD App

    Turn ON your engine and scan the trouble code with the help of the app menu. After a few minutes, you’ll get a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) on your phone screen.

Estimated Cost: 60 USD


  • OBD2 Scan Tool
  • Smartphone


  • OBD2 Scanner

This way, you can read live data, engine RPM, fuel economy, tire pressure, etc. with the help of an OBD2 scanner.


The process of using a Bluetooth OBD2 scanner is easy. Just plug the OBD2 scan tool in your car obd port and connect your smartphone. Now, open any OBD scanner app and find the trouble code without any professional help.

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