How To Become ASE Certified Mechanic (5 easy steps)

Become ASE Certified Mechanic

In this fast-growing automobile technology, ASE certification is important to gain customers’ trust. Nobody wants their expensive car repaired at a non-experienced mechanic shop.

That’s why everyone prefers an ASE-certified mechanic to get the problem fixed.

ASE is the short form for National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. It has become a symbol of trust nowadays.


If you’re an automobile engineer and planning to open a mechanic garage business or if you’re looking for a job at any reputable automobile garage, you must need ASE certification.

Become ASE Certified Mechanic

According to Beuro of Labour Statistics, an ASE-certified mechanic’s average income is approximately $45,000, while the average income of all auto mechanics is about $6,000.

Now you know the ASE-certified mechanic salary, but the real question is: How to become ASE certified mechanic?

So, in this article, you’ll learn the step-by-step guide to getting ASE certified easily. If you’re a mechanic and looking for ASE certification, do not skip.

It’s always best to get advice straight from an expert, so why not reach out to your nearest ASE-certified mechanic?


How To Become ASE Certified Mechanic?

ASE Certification

To get ASE certified, you must hold at least two years of hands-on experience in the automobile industry. They ask for many other requirements to appear in the ASE test.

1. Get Technical Training

ASE Training

You can not pass the ASE certification exam without having technical knowledge. It’s not that easy; otherwise, everyone would have been ASE certified.

If you want to pass the ASE certification test, the first step is to go to an automobile training school and gain knowledge. You can be admitted to any trade school or complete the apprentice from any specific auto shop.

You should focus on your area of interest and gain in-depth knowledge of that field.

2. Gain Hands-on Work Experience

Motor Garage Training

Just theoretical knowledge is not enough to pass the ASE exam. You need hands-on work experience of a minimum of two years (except in a few areas) to be eligible for the ASE certification test.

You should work at any recognized automobile repair shop and become an expert in a particular field. The work experience criteria are different for different ASE certifications.

You can find detailed information about the work experience required for ASE certification on the ASE work experience page.

ASE Certification NameTest CodeExperience (Years)
Light Repair TechnicianG11 year
Engine RepairA12 years
Automatic Transmission/TransaxleA22 years
Manual Drive Train & AxlesA32 years
Suspension & SteeringA42 years
Brakes (read more on ASE certification in brakes)A52 years
Electrical/Electronic SystemsA62 years
Heating & Air ConditioningA72 years
 Engine PerformanceA82 years
Light Vehicle Diesel EnginesA92 years
Painting & RefinishingB22 years
Non-Structural Analysis & Damage RepairB32 years
Structural Analysis & Damage RepairB42 years
Mechanical & Electrical ComponentsB52 years
Truck Equipment Installation & RepairE12 years
Electrical/Electronic Systems Installation & RepairE22 years
Auxiliary Power Systems Installation & RepairE32 years
Alternate Fuels Certification TestF12 years
(Transport Bus Certifications: H1 to H8)H1-H8
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) EnginesH12 years
Diesel EnginesH22 years
Drive TrainH32 years
BrakesH42 years
Suspension & SteeringH52 years
Electrical/Electronic SystemsH62 years
Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)H72 years
Preventive Maintenance & Inspection (PMI)H82 years
(School Bus Certifications: S1 to S7)S1-S7
Body Systems & Special EquipmentS12 years
Diesel EnginesS22 years
Drive TrainS32 years
BrakesS42 years
Suspension & SteeringS52 years
Electrical/Electronic SystemsS62 years
Air Conditioning Systems & ControlsS72 years
(Medium-Heavy Truck Certification: T1 to T8)T1-T8
Gasoline EnginesT12 years
Diesel EnginesT22 years
Drive TrainT32 years
BrakesT42 years
Suspension & SteeringT52 years
Electrical/ Electronic SystemsT62 years
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)T72 years
Preventive Maintenance InspectionT82 years
Undercar Specialist Exhaust SystemsX12 years
Advanced Engine Performance Specialist CertificationL13 years
Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnosis Specialist CertificationL23 years
Light Duty Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Specialist CertificationL33 years
(Parts Specialist Certification: P1 to P4)P1-P4
Medium-Heavy Truck Parts SpecialistP12 years
Automobile Parts Specialist P22 years
General Motors Parts ConsultantP32 years
Collision Damage EstimatorB62 years
Service ConsultantC12 years

3. Study ASE Syllabus

Mechanical Gears

Once you complete the training and you’ve practical experience in various automobile fields, start studying the ASE syllabus.

Now you know how to become ASE certified mechanic in your field, now it’s time to study.

You can find the study guides for various ASE test codes on the official website.

Also, you can find ASE certification courses online or ask your trade school to provide resources for written tests.

4. Take Practice Test

Practice is the key to success! Once you studied the syllabus of your examination, participate in practice tests.

You can find the ASE certification practice test online. Analyze the test result and see where you’re lacking.

Once you start performing well in the practice test, fill out the ASE certification exam form.

5. Appear in ASE Test

ASE Examination

It’s the final stage, and you’ve to perform well in the examination to get ASE certified. Appear in the examination and give your best.

Once you clear the examination, you’ll get a certificate ASE-certified. Now, you can apply for a relevant job in your field of expertise.

When To Apply For ASE Registration?

Once you register for the examination, you’ll have three months (90 days) to complete the examination.

Winter RegistrationJanuary 10 – March 31
Summer RegistrationJuly 10 – September 30
Spring RegistrationApril 10 – June 30
Fall RegistrationOctober 10 – December 31

ASE Certification Cost

Now you may ask- how much does ASE certification cost? So, the answer is here.

When you register for ASE certification, you’ll have to pay a $35 one-time registration fee.

On top of that, you’ve to pay for each test individually which cost $43 per test.

The individual test has different charges like L1, L2, and L3 will cost $86 per test.

You can visit the official website of ASE to gain a detailed idea of registration fees.


If you want to become ASE certified mechanic, you need 1 to 3 years of hands-on work experience.

You should study hard and participate in a practice test to increase your chance of success.

Once you’ll get your ASE certification, you can work in any reputed automobile garage at a good salary.

Good Luck!

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